I Phub You first started as this small idea, I remember hearing about the project from Justin in the spring of 2015. After filming On The Rocks the duo, Sam Reid and Justin Kueber, went on to make a number of short films over the next year. One of them being the award-winning comedy film The Lobster, with fellow director/writer Justin Cauti. In the summer they focused on their videography business; filming weddings until the month of September; then I Phub You’s pre-production started with the Telus Optik StoryHive pitch and voting with director Shannon Hunt and Production Designer Dianne Mahoney. After having won, the team got themselves a budget. As a result, they put together a fantastic team that consisted of many incredibly talented people who made the film happen. Production began in November and the film was shot in three days. The film was edited by none other than Sam Reid, and music and sound were done by the incredibly talented Geoff Manchester. And today, StoryHive released it.

A beautifully executed story about love with deep messages for its audience. The story follows a young man named Kurtis (Andrew Joseph Pahlke) who is being ignored, on his date, for a phone. It gets worse, after bumping his head he wakes up in a monochrome world of silence. He is chased by ‘internet heroes’, and ignored by the ‘phone zombies’, but so is another. Janet (Heidi Ellen) is also lost and alone in this silent world. Love, triumph and personal growth mark a few of the many themes within I Phub You’s story. Its main overarching message goes to our society and its obsession with cellular devices. Moments are timeless, they are there, and then they are gone. And unless you’re paying attention, you won’t get to remember the memories. It speaks volumes to us the growing generations to change how we interact and hopefully, keep a little bit of humanity within all of us. We spend so much time online, tweeting, gramming, consuming. We could at least create a balance. We all crave interactions with others, it’s no surprise, but we cannot forget how to be around others for communication means so much more than a message on the screen of a phone.

The film is absolutely stunning, and yes I am a bit biased, I did work on the production. But it is so much more than my highest expectations. The cinematography was absolutely brilliant, the score was curiously mesmerizing, and the acting was wonderfully spectacular. Andrew Joseph Pahlke and Heidi Ellen were beautiful together. Congrats Justin Kueber, Sam Reid. You guys created something spectacular, I’m glad I was a part of the making. Shout out to Andrew Joseph Pahlke and Heidi Ellen on wonderful performances. Shout outs to Darrell Portz, Russell Eresmas, and Sabrina Anderson for playing some great antagonists. Dianne Mahoney, you did a great job with all the production aspects, the costumes are amazing. Geoff Manchester’s music is absolutely mindblowing. Taison Gelinas dude we helped make this! Sam’s cinematography was incredible and honestly giving Chivo a run for his money. Emilia Edemanwan Eyo you held the production together! Celebrations are in order for such a job well done.

— Sushami Pomerleau-Piquette


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